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Logic Switches Operating at the Minimum Energy of Computing, Orfei, Francesco, and Gammaitoni Luca , IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI, 08/07/2015, Montpellier, France, (2015) Abstract
Time-dependent study of bit reset, Chiuchiú, D. , EPL (Europhysics Letters), Volume 109, Number 3, p.30002, (2015) Abstract
The Advanced Virgo detector, Acernese, F., Adams T., Agathos M., Agatsuma K., Allocca A., Astone P., Ballardin G., Barone F., Barsuglia M., Basti A., et al. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 610, Number 1, p.012014, (2015)
Noise Tolerant Stochastic Logic Gate Circuits Synthesis using Genetic Algorithms, Neri, Igor, and Hartmann F. , International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 125, Number 1, (2015)
Operating micromechanical logic gates below k B T: Physical vs logical reversibility, López-Suárez, Miquel, Neri Igor, and Gammaitoni Luca , Energy Efficient Electronic Systems (E3S), 2015 Fourth Berkeley Symposium on, p.1–2, (2015)
Towards zero-power ICT, Gammaitoni, Luca, Chiuchiú D., Madami M., and Carlotti G. , Nanotechnology, Volume 26, Number 22, p.222001, (2015)
Nonlinear bi-stable vibration energy harvester at work, Orfei, Francesco, Neri Igor, Vocca Helios, and Gammaitoni Luca , ASME 2014 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, 17/08/2014, Buffalo, New York, USA, (2014) Abstract
Circuitry for Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesting , Orfei, Francesco , 21st IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems, 07/12/2014, Marseille, France, (2014) Abstract