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Francesco Orfei: "Circuitry for Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesting" at ICECS2014.

Marseille Dec. 7, 2014.



Francesco Orfei, from NiPS Laboratory, presents a paper on "Circuitry for Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesting" at ICECS2014.

The 21st IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems (ICECS2014) is in Marseille, France, on December 7-10, 2014.

HiPEAC/EC Workshop 'Energy Efficient Computing Systems'



Brussels, 27 Oct. 2014

L. Gammaitoni participated to the HiPEAC/EC Workshop 'EnergyEfficient Comp Systems, dynamic adaptation of QoS & approximate computing' by presenting a position statement on the future of the field based on the activities developed with the ICT-Energy C.A. (

From the workshop introduction: "Energy efficiency progress in recent years has been impressive, but mainly due to incremental changes. There are, however, innovative approaches which could potentially improve of orders of magnitude the performance / energy ratio of computing devices, allowing for “battery-free” computing, and thus enabling completely new applications e.g. in the Internet of Things domain while radically changing the game also at the data center level."


L. Gammaitoni presentation: see slides

L. Gammaitoni presented a key-note lecture at the PowerMEMS 2014 conference



November 18 to 21,  Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center in Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan


Luca Gammaitoni, NiPS director, presented a key-note lecture at the 14th International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation  and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS2014).

Download the lecture slides here: slides

NiPS Lab presentation at IIT in Genova



Genova, 4 Nov. 2014

Luca Gammaitoni presentd NiPS Lab activities at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Genova, at the presence of Dr. Vittorio Pellegrini (director of the IIT Graphene Labs) and Prof. Roberto Cingolani (IIT Scientific Director).

During the meeting potential collaboration topics between NiPS Lab and IIT have been discussed.


L. Gammaitoni visits the Micro Robotic Lab in Pontedera, Italy



Nov. 3, 2014 - Pontedera, Italy

Luca Gammaitoni, Nips director, visited the Center for Micro-Biorobotics of the IIT.

The Center for Micro-BioRobotics (CMBR) is located in Pontedera (Pisa) and it is part of the network of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) whose headquarters are in Genova. CMBR began its scientific activity at the end of 2009, with the aim to perform advanced research and to develop innovative methodologies, robotic technologies, new materials, and advanced components at the micro/mesoscale.

During the visit Prof. L. Gammaitoni discussed possible collaboration between NiPS and the IIT Center with Dr. B. Mozzolai, Center coordinator, on the topic of micro scale energy transformation.

L. Gammaitoni at the ICT-Proposers' days in Florence


Florence 9-10 October 2014


L. Gammaitoni, NiPS Laboratory Director participated at the ICT-Proposers' days organized by the European Commission in Florence.

NiPS Lab participates at the LANDAUER Consortium Meeting in Lisbon



LANDAUER project Consortium meeting will be held in Lisbon on Oct. 7-8, 2014.

Igor Neri, Miquel Lopez, Davide Chiuchiù, Cristina Diamantini and Luca Gammaitoni (LANDAUER coordinator) participate to this meeting that sets the end of the second year of the project.

Miquel Lopez presents a scientific talk on Oct 7.

For more information please check the LANDAUER project web site.

Started the V NiPS Summer school in Perugia



The fifth edition of NiPS Summer School devoted to "ICT-Energy: Energy management at micro and nanoscales for future ICT" is currently undergoing in Perugia.
The school is organized by the Noise in Physical System (NiPS) Laboratory of the University of Perugia and is divided into 3 specialized schools, through 5 days. In the first 3 days there will be common courses (General sessions). Day 4 and 5 are devoted to specialized courses under the 3 following parallel sessions:
- ICT-Energy summer school
- Landauer summer school
- PHIDIAS summer school
The school, supported by European Commission under the FET Proactive research project LANDAUER (, PHIDIAS ( and the Coordination Action ICT-Energy (, is open to graduate students, post-docs, young researchers, and in general to all scientists interested in the physical foundations and practical applications of energy management at micro and nanoscales in computing processes.

 The School is organized in Perugia (IT) during the same week of the international jazz festival Umbria Jazz 2014.

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